Will Bengals extend a veteran like Vonn Bell soon?

The Cincinnati Bengals are known for being a team that values looking out for its own players, which is a reputation they have earned.

A common example of this is doing expansions with core elements first. Vonn Bell, a safety, is one such player who almost immediately springs to mind when considering the Bengals' roster of free agents for the next offseason.

Bell, who is almost 28 years old, is an intriguing case study who was recently mentioned by Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic in a Q&A session:

In December, Bell will turn 28 years old. Third-contract years that may extend into the 30s are uncommon for the Bengals to accept. If Bell agreed to two additional years and $12 million

 you could argue that he should be given a pass, but that would present another issue. Two safeties, not just one, were selected by Cincinnati in the April draught.

Bell is undoubtedly one of those players the organisation enjoys extending early, albeit it's a challenging question right now.

Bell, who received a 74.2 PFF rating for his performance last season, was a significant component and made several crucial plays when it counted.

It's intriguing to consider whether he would feel comfortable signing a contract that benefits both parties at this time or taking a chance that he may do even better next season after gaining more experience in the system, increasing his worth on the market.

In order to keep the championship window as wide as possible for the Bengals, who must win now, it could be a good idea to explore if they can secure a few more years at a reasonable price.

While the team does have youngsters Dax Hill and Tycen Anderson to factor into the plans, if Jessie Bates leaves the team after this year of franchise-tag play

the team may have to start two sophomores at safety in 2023, which isn't going to be as effective as what they currently have.

A seamless July move might be to avoid completely resetting at the safety position because continuity has been a significant theme that has helped the Bengals reach these new heights.