Why Blackhawks ‘had to make a big shift’ to jumpstart full-scale rebuild

The Blackhawks transferred former No. 3 overall pick Kirby Dachs and All-Star sniper Alex Debrincat in separate deals

Thursday after receiving three first-round picks after entering the day with a zero in the 2022 NHL Draft. sent shockwaves to the NHL. ,

The message in Chicago was loud and clear: Reconstruction is officially on, and it’s about as full-scale as it gets.

“It was a huge day and a huge land change for the Blackhawks organization,” said GM Kyle Davidson after the draft. “But it’s an almost unofficial start to where we’re going and that’s where we originate.”

The Blackhawks were looking to advance the process by accumulating future assets and were clearly motivated to make it to the first round

after trading their own pick to Columbus last offseason as part of the Seth Jones package. Obviously, not having a first rounder is not an ideal way to start rebuilding.

The first and biggest Domino to fall was Alex Debrincat, who was sent off to Ottawa in exchange for the No. 7 overall pick, an early second-rounder and third-round pick in 2024

 It probably wasn’t the return they were originally hoping for, but there was always going to be a bigger challenge for the Blackhawks if the team that acquired the Debrincats didn’t have an immediate expansion.

ttawa is playing a bit of a gamble here by trading in for DeBrincat, without any assurances that he will be with the organization in the long run.

“It just hasn’t materialised,” Davidson said of a potential Debrinkt extension with an interested team. “It’s interesting. It’s hard to interrupt where there’s going to be high interest in teams.

Not that Alex wasn’t interested, but it’s a little harder to deal with the uncertainty going forward. Even so.”

That great players also have to fit in a cap and an upper limit, making it a bit daunting for some teams and most leagues lack caps.

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