White Sox postseason odds get major boost after Giants, Twins series

What a difference a week makes. According to Baseball Reference’s playoff odds calculator, white sox Their odds have increased by 16.7% in season after season over the past seven days.

This is the third highest in the game in the same time frame. The White Sox enjoyed a boost by overtaking the Giants over the weekend

but their chances could have increased even more if they managed to win the following series against the Twins. After losing the first two games against their division rivals on Monday and Tuesday

the White Sox managed to sweep with a thrilling extra innings win on Wednesday afternoon. Even though the White Sox has greatly increased their chances

the baseball context is still bearish on the White Sox as a whole. They give the Sox a 19.9% ​​chance of winning the division, and an even worse 11.5% chance of becoming a wild card team.

This gives the White Sox a 31.4% chance of making it postseason in some capacity

If the White Sox makes the playoffs, the baseball context doesn’t expect them to do much more than that. They give them a 14.4% chance of making the divisional round, a 4.4% chance of making the ALCS, and a 1.6% chance of winning the pennant

But this team has pinned its hopes on the World Series or bust. Right now, the Baseball reference is betting on the bust, and says the White Sox have a 0.7% chance of winning the Commissioner’s Trophy.

To calculate these odds, the baseball reference simulates the rest of the regular season, and 1000 times each day after the season.

They use their simple rating system, which “provides each team’s strength-to-schedule-adjusted rating, expressed in better or worse runs per game than the average team.”

The White Sox are in the middle of a 19-game run against AL Central opponents, so if there was ever a time to raise their post-season odds further, now is the time to do it.

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