Wealthy Horse Heiress Charged With Raping 14-Year-Old Boy Four Times In One Day

An alleged rape of a 14-year-old kid has been brought against a 45-year-old affluent horse heiress.

On Monday, Savannah Daisley was accused of having sex with the youngster four times in her house on May 20, 2021. According to the authorities

Daisley called the victim and admitting to kissing him, but she says she doesn't recall having intercourse with him. It's unknown how she first connected with the boy.

Daisley recently announced her 200th day of recovery on social media and acknowledged that she had a drinking issue. The mother of two hinted at being drunk during the attack in a taped conversation with a police officer.

She allegedly added on the recording, "I thought we had put this in a tiny box and thrown it deep into the sea."

The founder of Smart Cleanse and Ross Daisley's daughter made an appearance in Sydney, Australia's Waverley Local Court on Tuesday

Despite her affluent father's $10,000 promise to secure her release, Judge Jaqueline Milledge refused to grant her bond. She will be held in custody until at least August 2nd, when she will return to court

An apprehended violence order has also been issued by the police to the victim. In 2014, Daisley leveraged her wealth to launch the 14-day weight loss programme Smart Cleanse

Additionally, she has written two books on health and wellbeing. Daisley has not yet made a decision, but her lawyer, Pierre de Dassel, anticipates that she will reject the accusations.

He maintains that she was the victim of malicious accusations. According to Dassel, "There are reasons behind the timing of it that actually undermine the credibility and strength of the case."