There was a time when there were clear distinctions between virtue and vice

when we laughed at the "All in the Family" episode in which Archie Bunker's solution to gun control ("All you have to do is arm all your passengers") was so absurd that no sensible person, including the NRA, would subscribe to it. 

During this time, there were distinct distinctions between good and evil. We had a clearer knowledge of right and evil, and we treated them properly, especially during the Watergate incident and Richard Nixon's eventual resignation. 

Members of Congress, rather than acting in their own self-interest or out of fear of their voters, did what was best for the country at the time.

Now, have a look at us. A former president who was twice impeached but remained in office is now the leader of a major political party and wears his dishonour as a badge of honour to the cheers of an angry, cynical, opportunistic, and gullible populace.

Despite being twice convicted of violating the Constitution's impeachment procedures, this former president was not removed from office.

There was a time when we possessed empathy, but empathy is a product of knowledge, which is the capacity to analyse a situation through critical thinking. 

Previously, we as a culture had the capability to do so. It is imperative that we regain it and begin cultivating it from beginning.