Treylon Burks has been on and off the Titans' OTAs since rookie minicamp. Was he out of shape or lacked conditioning? Did he have respiratory issues? Every reporter was curious.

Burks was quiet with reporters a week ago. He said his conditioning "varies" when asked. Burks was also seen using an inhaler, but he wouldn't say why. 

The rookie suggested reporters to ask coach Mike Vrabel for more facts, but Vrabel declined.

Rob Moore, the former Arkansas wide receiver's coach, gave the NFL some answers Tuesday.

Moore: "Some of those things were beyond of his control" "He's asthmatic. Happens. He understands the expectations, but I think he needs to immerse himself in the culture of how we do things and play here

which is different from every college player because we want them to accomplish things other teams don't.

"I'm enthusiastic about what Treylon can add to this team. He needs to become healthy and prove himself on the field.

Burks isn't the first NFL player to battle with asthma, but the way the Titans have handled it has made it the top story of OTAs. Titans knew of Vrabel's asthma before the draught, he said.

Burks skipped Tuesday's practise, and Vrabel said he was "unavailable."

Burks was picked after Tennessee traded A.J. Brown to the Eagles. Burks must contribute immediately for the Titans to repeat as AFC or AFC South winners.