Thomas had CTE, other issues plagued ex-Bronco

Demariyus Thomas died at age 33, a half year after retiring from the NFL. Tuesday we learned more about what may have caused his death, but we may never know the complete stor

Boston University experts told the New York Times on Tuesday that Thomas had Stage 2 CTE, which affected his final year. Seizures began hurting him after a 2019 vehicle crash.

While CTE has more catastrophic effects, it will likely never be known if it or the seizures caused Thomas' death.

While CTE has more catastrophic effects, it will likely never be kBU doctors informed the Times that Thomas likely died from a seizure, but the coroner in Fulton County, Ga., has not announced the cause of death.nown if it or the seizures caused Thomas' death.

Katina Smith remembers the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 win over the Panthers. She recalls that Thomas, who was hit hard by a Panthers player earlier in the game, had a headache and left the victory celebration early.

"He said, 'Y'all, I need to leave and be alone because I don't feel good,'" Smith told the New York Times. He fled and didn't even finish celebrating.

A automobile crash in 2019 would only exacerbate an already difficult job. Thomas rolled his automobile multiple times after losing control at 70 mph in a 30 mph zone.

The head damage he experienced led to seizures that may cause him to fall down stairs or lose control of a car.

Seizures in the fall of 2020 ended Thomas's NFL career. When medication, ozone therapy, and a hyperbaric chamber didn't help, he isolated himself.

His father stated he was so paranoid he rarely left the house without a gun. Katina Smith and Bobby Thomas were grieved at Thomas's death.

Bobby Thomas and Smith had Demaryius when she was 15, but he was in the army and often absent. Demaryius Thomas was 11 when Smith was sentenced to 20 years in jail for refusing to testify against her mother. Thomas was taken in by relatives and found comfort in athletics.

Thomas lobbied for his mother's release for 17 years and wrote to Obama. The president shortened Smith's sentence so she could attend Super Bowl 50 with her kid and his father

Thomas was happy and proud to have both of them there, and Smith has a painting of the scene after the triumph. Bobby Thomas has the same phone photo.

Smith and Hughes told the Times that talking about Thomas and learning what he meant to others had helped them. Thomas' teammates and friends were similarly grieved by his abrupt and unexpected passing and revealed how much he was regarded and loved as a player

teammate, friend, and community member. Peyton Manning started two scholarships in his name, and the Broncos honoured him in 2021.

Smith helped design Demaryius Thomas Day on July 16 in Dublin, Ga. 88 balloons will be launched to mark his jersey number.