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Kyrie Irving is a world-class basketball player. Why would anyone desire him?

Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are apparently at a "impasse" Irving is reportedly exploring "the free market" rather than exercising his $36.9 million player option for 2022-23 by June 29.

Irving may receive whatever he wants from Brooklyn despite his negotiating strategy. Leaving would probably cost him money. Unknown. This guy's a mystery.

It's all part of the same behavioural pattern that should worry any team in the "open marketplace" that wants him. Brooklyn returning him.

He's a great player, but he's horrible to have.Consider his time in Brooklyn. He joined Kevin Durant three years ago with a supermax salary and championship promises. 

He played in 103 regular-season games while the Nets won just one postseason series and were swept in the first round.

Irving refused a COVID-19 immunisation and missed home games in 2021-22. The Nets publicly supported his decision.

They let him show up on an erratic schedule, avoided criticism, and supported his personal opinions affecting his career, even though Irving's absence virtually ruined the season and a year of Durant's prime.

After being swept by Boston in April, Irving said he'd stick with Durant and "manage the franchise with Joe and Sean."

Owner Joe Tsai is "Joe." Sean Marks is GM. Despite patience and loyalty... Irving's leaving? Certainly.

Kyrie Irving won an NBA title in 2015-16, but he and LeBron James scarcely spoke the following season. He wanted a trade rather than stay with James, who would get the Cavs to the Finals.

"If I was in the same maturity line and awareness of who I am, we absolutely would've won more championships," Irving said on the "I Am Athlete" podcast this spring. "I couldn't express myself. I was clueless. So I retreated.”