Steph Curry didn't make a 3 in Game 5. One of the best shooters of all-time, who just had seven 3-pointers in Game 4, went 0-for-9 in Golden State's 104-94 win.

Curry had 16 points on 7-of-22 shooting (31.8%) and missed a free throw (2-of-3). Curry didn't let his poor shooting affect his game. 8 assists and 1 turnover.

Curry said postgame, "I had a similar shooting night against the Lakers but impacted the game in other ways.

I remember saying I played horribly but had to redefine that as making the right play and keeping things simple.

Curry's presence and nonstop movement helped his teammates score. Boston's focus on Curry opened up driving lanes and spaced the floor for Golden State's shooters, who scored 47 points.

Curry: "We have different ways to attack, even if it's not me hunting shots." "Using gravity and ball movement to play Warriors basketball. It's emotional. And your aggression."

Before Game 5, Curry had made 3s in 233 straight games. He made a 3 in 133 straight playoff games. Curry had more than one 3-pointer in 38 playoff games.

All three streaks were the longest in NBA history, and they're now over. Curry is taking it all in stride and focusing on another ring.

"The fact that we can win one more game is exciting," Curry said. "This won't be easy. "But I think our energy, especially the last two games, has been amazing. 

You just want to play the year's best game. Play our best game of the year in terms of intensity, focus, and execution, knowing what one more win means.

"You can talk about it, embrace the challenge, and many of our players have been here before, but just do it."

Last time Curry didn't make a 3-pointer was Nov. 8 against the Bucks. Curry was 0-4 from three and scored 10 points. He was injured in the third quarter and did not return.

The Warriors are actually excited about Curry's 0-for-9 night in Game 5. They believe it will fire up Curry for Thursday's championship-clinching Game 6.

Even for the best shooter in the world, games like this happen, Steve Kerr said. "Luckily, they're rare." I like Steph after such a game. I like his resilience.

Draymond Green agrees with Kerr that an irate Curry helps the Warriors. Green said postgame, "That's good for us" "He was 0-9 from 3. We need him mad going into Game 6."

In 2016, Curry hit 13 threes against the Pelicans after missing all game. Curry: "Obviously, I shoot better the next game." "Wanting a rebound."

Since 2013, in the nine games Curry didn't make a three, he made 4.4 afterward. Thompson said he knows Curry will respond in Game 6. "He's one of my greatest competitors. And we're both perfectionists.

"I know he'll regret his missed shots. That's good because Thursday, he regresses to the mean, and it's scary."