Curry rarely shows emotion during games. Curry wore his heart on his sleeve in the Warriors' 107-97 Game 4 win against the Celtics.

After hitting back-to-back 3-pointers in the first quarter, Curry rushed to the other end of the court and yelled at the Boston supporters, something he rarely does early in a game.

Curry: "We had to let everyone know we were here tonight." "Whether that's their audience, their team, or our team, we thrive off of that."

Curry scored 43 points on 14-of-26 shooting with seven 3-pointers, 10 rebounds, and four assists. He's the fifth NBA guard to score 40 points and grab 10 rebounds in a Finals game.

Green said, "Incredible." "Carry us. Voted for us. Must-win. Must-have game. Came out and demonstrated why he's one of the best players ever and why this team has had so much success with him. Amazing."

Curry won't let the Warriors lose, Green said. Kerr's game was "spectacular." Thompson called it Curry's best Finals effort.

Curry doesn't rank his performances, but he knew what was at risk Friday. Friday's game would have placed the Warriors down 3-1 or knotted the series.

Curry doesn't rank his performances, but he knew what was at risk Friday. Friday's game would have placed the Warriors down 3-1 or knotted the series. Curry guaranteed it.

"It meant everything knowing we had to win tonight to keep the series alive, regain home-court advantage, and generate momentum," Curry said.

Curry has scored 33 points in the first three games of the series. But he averaged 3 points on 30% shooting in the fourth quarter.

Friday, he scored 10 in the ninth. He tied his career high with 24 second-half Finals points.

The Warriors slammed the Celtics in the fourth quarter. Golden State outscored Boston 15-0 in the final five minutes to become the first team in 50 years to win a Finals game by at least 10 points after trailing.

Wiggins: "We were aiding each other, playing together, and closing out." "No rebounds. Offense-free rebounding. No second-chances. Big deal."

Green collected Thompson's offensive rebound with a minute left and the Warriors up three. The Celtics double-teamed Curry, so he immediately grabbed the ball back. Green fed Looney, who dunked over Al Horford.

Kerr dubbed it the night's biggest bucket. Curry carried them until that shot could be the dagger.

Thompson: "We sometimes take his work for granted." To place us on his back, we must help him on Monday.

Curry had help from Klay Thompson, who scored 18 points and hit four 3-pointers; Andrew Wiggins; and Jordan Poole. Kevon Looney got 11 rebounds and a plus-21 net rating in his series debut.

Curry outscored his teammates 43-39. He's the oldest Finals player to accomplish so since Michael Jordan, who was 35 in 1998.

Green laboured again, making little impact until his fourth-quarter rebound. Kerr pulled Green for the final five minutes of the game.

The Warriors must support Curry, added Thompson. They don't mention they should share scoring duties.

Thompson: "When a guy's hot, you stay out of his way."

Green: "You try to free him up so he can produce and go to his places. We'll fill in where we can. Take your chance. If everyone is strong on offence, with cuts and passes, he can do what he does."

Green understood Curry would play with extra heat in Game 4 after watching his behaviour after Wednesday's setback.

Curry wants to dominate Game 4. If he could will his squad to a win in Boston, the momentum would be on their side.

Green said he'd be fiery. We all followed his lead.