Kevin Spacey 'strenuously' denies sexual assault claims

Kevin Spacey appeared in a London court on Thursday to "vehemently" refute sexual assault charges made five years ago during the #MeToo movement. 

Between March 2005 and April 2013, the Oscar-winning actor, 62, is accused of assaulting three men.

Spacey arrived at the courthouse wearing a blue suit and glasses, and was hailed by dozens of photographers.

The New York Times adds that once inside, he sat alone in a side room, scarcely speaking and occasionally smiling at journalists.

Spacey faces four counts of sexual assault by touching, as well as a more serious accusation of forcing someone to engage in penetrative sexual intercourse without their consent.

Patrick Gibbs, his attorney, told the court that his client denies all charges and is determined to "prove his innocence."

According to Reuters, Gibbs stated that "Mr. Spacey firmly rejects any and all illegality in this case." He stated that the Tony Award winner has completely cooperated with the probe.

"If he wants to move on with his life, he must address these charges," Gibbs continued. "He has consistently disputed that these charges were criminal in nature."

Spacey's counsel successfully claimed that the actor needed to travel for business and auditions, principally in the United States, where he and his family, including "his 9-year-old dog," live. 

The actor agreed to travel to the United Kingdom for the brief hearing. He faces a fine or a six-month prison sentence if proven guilty of sexual assault.

The most serious offence carries a life sentence as a maximum penalty.

Spacey's career was cut short after many men accused him of sexual harassment and/or assault, making him one of the first victims of #MeToo.

After a few years of obscurity, he began to book more international jobs.

Spacey scored his greatest part since 2017 in the historical drama 1242, which is a combined U.K., Hungarian, and Mongolian production, according to reports from May.

Filming will commence later this year, under the direction of Hungarian filmmaker Péter Soós.

First and foremost, Spacey must resolve a few issues. On July 14, he will appear before London's Southwark Crown Court. 

Due to the pandemic's backlog in the British justice system, a trial date is unlikely to be set for some time.