Rams’ Bobby Wagner voted 8th-best LB in NFL

Bobby Wagner is starting the second chapter of his career this year after signing with the Los Angeles Rams in free agency

The six-time All-Pro was released by the Seahawks this off-season, opening the door for him to join division rivals Seattle.

Despite being 32 years old, Wagner is still seen as a leading linebacker, and the Rams are confident he will be able to defend Raheem Morris.

As highly said as Wagner is, those around the NFL noticed a slight drop in his game last season.

ESPN picks NFL officials, coaches, players and scouts And Wagner came in at No. 8 to rank the top off-ball linebackers in the NFL — five places lower than last year’s ranking.

One NFL coordinator admitted that “he may be in decline but is a very good player nonetheless.” Another AFC scout noticed a decline in his athleticism and speed, which resulted in him overtaking other linebackers.

“You know what you’re getting with Bobby — production, athleticism, leadership,” said one AFC scout. “It was just his sporting elite athleticism and speed, and when it starts to move a little bit, it can overwhelm you.”

Where Wagner struggled a bit last season was in coverage, allowing 63 catches on 82 goals for a total of 596 yards,

 according to Next Gen Stats. He will be asked to cover a lot in Los Angeles, but the Rams also have Ernest Jones, who works well in the space as a coverage linebacker.

He might not be getting the dominant version of Wagner, but even at this age, he is one of the better linebackers in football.

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