Micah Parsons is helping those in need by lowering gas costs since no one else is.

The situation began Thursday when Parsons tweeted about petrol prices in the U.S.

After a fan commented to his tweet about "not being affluent and dealing with this," he agreed and urged fans to send him their Cash App info so he can help.

Parsons tweeted a video of his $116.46 gas bill. The reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year can easily afford it.

Spotrac reports that Parsons' 2021 contract included a $2.445 million signing bonus and a $660,000 basic salary. His base salary is $1.44 million and his signing bonus is $2.445 million.

Parsons later posted a screenshot of some of the people he sent $25 to, emphasising others might get more.

According to CNN.com's Chris Isidore, the average gallon of gas costs $4.99, with California having the highest cost at $6.42.

Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis for OPIS, warned Isidore the national average might reach $6 per gallon by summer's end.

Kloza: "June 20 through Labor Day, anything goes." People will vacation regardless of petrol prices.

Sanctions on Russian oil due to the country's invasion of Ukraine are driving up gas costs.

Isidore said that the EU's decision to ban Russian oil tanker shipments sent oil prices rising.

It's uncertain when costs will reduce, but Parsons will support people in need.