Mayfield and Garoppolo are expected to be released, according to league officials and agents.

The quarterback situations for the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers are quite similar. 

Both appear ready to move on from the starter who has just taken them to the playoffs

nd both would hand the team over to a quarterback for whom they paid a high price.

nd both would hand the team over to a quarterback for whom they paid a high price.

The Browns got Deshaun Watson despite his off-the-field issues, while the Niners got Trey Lance by trading up in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Despite their significant investments, Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo are still on the rosters. It was recently reported that the two teams may work out a quarterback trade.

On the two veteran quarterbacks who have been in limbo all offseason, ESPN questioned league officials, coaches, and agents. Both are recovering from shoulder injuries, which adds to their similarities.

While Mayfield's guaranteed contract complicates his future, Garoppolo's contract is not guaranteed, meaning the 49ers could release him as soon as he is healthy enough to pass a physical.

Many in the league expect both to be released, according to an ESPN poll (subscriber):

The vast majority of the people I spoke with for this story believe both players will be released.

A few individuals speculated that Garoppolo could still attract trade interest if an acquiring team could work out a deal to reduce his pay or spread it out over a couple of years.

If the Niners decide to release Garoppolo, Mayfield's trade value will plummet again again. Garoppolo has been more consistent

appears to be well-liked in the locker room, would not require a trade at that point, and would most likely cost less under the salary cap.

Both quarterbacks have been exempted from obligatory minicamp, so neither team appears to be close to making a trade.

 It will take time to see if the organisation ESPN spoke with has a pulse on both situations that are leading to releases.