Jack Del Rio's words reveal the Washington Commanders are a shithole.

Del Rio disgraced himself, the team, and the NFL by using disproved Facebook memes and QAnon talking points.

Let's start processing. Rewind! The Commanders are one of the worst teams in sports, run by the worst owner, but they've just topped themselves in poison and depravity.

Arrives Del Rio. First, this week's tweet. He called the Jan. 6 riots a "dust-up" a few days later, which is like calling an axe wound a scratch.

Five people were killed. Thousands of partygoers attacked the Capitol. Two responders killed themselves. Hundreds of rioters are charged. People made gallows and demanded Mike Pence's death.

Del Rio insulted Capitol police, who defended lawmakers and democracy. Rio's protests? Peace won.

Del Rio apologised for his Jan. 6 comments and criticised "violence around the country" late Wednesday.

His late apologies doesn't wash. Right-wing conspiracy theories and nonsense fill his Twitter feed. Del Rio was trying to rescue his career, not apologise.

Fact-checking Del Rio isn't the point. Del Rio's vaccination misinformation is similar to Aaron Rodgers'. Del Rio. NFL legend. He's played, coached (twice), and now assists. His status lends his statements meaning.

Del Rio and Rodgers propagandise. "I'm asking inquiries," stated Del Rio. 30% of the country believes these lies. When a coach or Rodgers agrees, it confirms these falsehoods.

Del Rio and others say it's propaganda. Nope. True. No. Del Rio was irresponsible.

A bipartisan committee will reveal its findings on Thursday about the coup attempt but not the peaceful protests after George Floyd's killing two years ago. One is real.

One protested police killing unarmed Blacks. The former President incited white nationalists to overthrow the government on Jan. 6.

After Del Rio's statements, people are remarkably quiet. Fox News' Laura Ingraham claimed it's wrong to take political advice from a $100 million-a-year ball-bouncer. No politics! "Dribble"

You know who I mean. Some commanders realise how Del Rio's problems add to a long list.

Former Washington runner and pundit Brian Mitchell remarked of coach Ron Rivera: "If Ron Rivera is mad about a practise collision, he should remove his defensive coordinator. But..."

"If he can't, he shouldn't be coaching. How can anyone trust that defensive coordinator?" A failing franchise continues. Typical American day.