Fantasy Baseball: Nick Senzel’s post-hype case

Everyone loves a good post-hype fantasy story – at least, I do. So let’s start today’s fantasy baseball lap by on-checking in nick senzel,

Once upon a time, Senzel was a big deal. After an illustrious career in Tennessee, he was the second overall pick in the class of 2016.

it was Regularly ranked as a top 10 prospect from 2017 to 2019, Stardom was anticipated, it was just a matter of time.

And, of course, we are still waiting. Injuries and ineffectiveness have held Senzel back, although the Reds haven’t always prepared him to succeed.

At times they are eager to shock him in and out of the lineup, and they have also used him at various defensive positions, perhaps to the detriment of Senzel’s offensive development.

Senzel currently has .257 average (that’s good), .313 OBP (ordinary) and .330 slugging (bad). But I want you to pay attention to the recent form

He’s at home in two of his last three games, and over the past two weeks, he’s been on a 19-for-43 binge, with those two homers and three steals.

Its hashed out .442/.489/.605 slashes. Hey, I get it – if you look at the clouds long enough, you’ll swear you’ll see meaningful patterns. 

Maybe it’s one of those hot streaks that flashes quickly and then disappears. But I can’t accept that Senzel simply forgot how to hit a baseball

or that every scout a few years ago was wrong. Their slow growth may be an excuse for absence. Maybe Roshni is finally running into her 27-year season.

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