Lakers Split on Giving Darvin Ham a Chance With Controversial Star

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The Lakers are becoming less and less likely to choose the easy route as the NBA offseason progresses in order to get rid of point guard Russell Westbrook.

Who struggled on both ends of the floor and was unable to mesh with star forward LeBron James

One of their biggest headaches from the previous campaign. The Pacers wanted to trade Westbrook for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner

But that deal fell through because the Lakers would only include one future first-round selection, not two, as was originally planned.

Other teams, like Charlotte and New York, who were linked to Westbrook and his $47 million contract that is about to expire appear to have also moved on.

However, the Lakers' insistence to include more than one first-round pick in a Westbrook deal keeps stalling any movement.

The Knicks and Jazz are still options, and they might be eager to sign him.

That is not a bad thing for certain people in the Lakers organisation, and it may be the most significant acquisition the franchise has made this summer.