Lakers, Nets discussing Kyrie Irving-Russell Westbrook trade

According to league sources, the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are aggressively negotiating a deal package that would send great point guard Russell Westbrook to Brooklyn in return for star point guard Kyrie Irving.

However, a few obstacles still stand in the way of the two sides reaching an agreement this offseason, according to insiders.

The Nets frequently discuss draught compensation, and according to insiders, they want shooting guard Joe Harris, who is recovering from left ankle surgery, and the remaining $38.6 million due to him over the next two years, to be part of the trade.

According to reports, the Lakers are demanding the addition of shooter Seth Curry as part of the agreement because they are less eager to include Harris.

Curry has a $8.5 million contract that expires soon. Sources said that the Nets maintain that the conversations are still in the earliest stages.

The Nets won't likely hurry into a deal and will keep discussing the intricate details of an Irving-Westbrook trade with the Lakers. Brooklyn is also considering offers from nearly half of the league in an effort to acquire Kevin Durant

 who asked for a trade at the beginning of free agency.