In his first tweet following the Nets' request for a trade, Kevin Durant clarifies very little.

Kevin Durant, a star for the Brooklyn Nets, tweeted for the first time since he asked for a trade, but he didn't say much. Durant discussed how difficult he works in his first tweet following the request.

In essence, Durant claimed that people who have played with him are aware of how hard he works. What caused the tweet or whether Durant was replying to a specific person who questioned his work ethic are both unknown.

The people who were confined with me in that gym understand what it is and what I stand for. Ask around if you haven't been in there with me.

Though not entirely surprising, Durant's decision was odd. He is constantly willing to argue with people on Twitter if he disagrees with their perspective on his profession.

It's unclear why Durant felt the need to justify his work ethic in this particular situation. That hasn't really been a question at all. There is no doubt that Durant puts a lot of effort into his profession

despite criticism for his eagerness to chase championships and his choice to leave the Nets after last season didn't go as planned.

A player's work ethic cannot be questioned when he has averaged 28.7 points over the course of two seasons following an Achilles injury.

The NBA received a trade request from Kevin Durant. Other NBA stars were taken aback by Durant's request for a trade.

Joel Embiid, a big player with the Philadelphia 76ers, commented "LOL" in response to the news. Other players instructed spectators to prepare their popcorn.

The Nets are not required to fulfil Durant's request to play for the Miami Heat or Phoenix Suns. Which team can give the most will ultimately determine where Durant ends up.

Some predict that the Durant trade will include the biggest NBA trade package ever. Although Durant reportedly favours the Heat or the Suns,

he has little to no control over his final destination if the Nets receive a lucrative offer from another team because his contract does not contain a no-trade clause.

Until then, Durant is sure to keep tweeting his opinions to keep the NBA offseason interesting.