Twins OF Byron Buxton's highlight catch starts first 8-5 triple play in recorded MLB history

The first 8-5 triple play in MLB history is started by Byron Buxton, an outfielder for the Twins.

When you visit a baseball park, occasionally you will witness something that has never been seen before. The Minnesota Twins, for example, recently completed a type of triple play that has never been seen in MLB history.

A.J. Pollock appeared to hit a three-run home run or at least an extra-base hit against Twins pitcher Griffin Jax in the seventh inning against the Chicago White Sox with no outs and men on first and second

Ryan Jeffers, the catcher for the Twins, appeared to agree since he sank forward as soon as he noticed the contact.

The White Sox baserunners then made a really poor play, compared to Buxton's excellent play.

Yoan Moncada was at first when the action began, and Adam Engel was at second. While neither baserunner tagged up, Buxton put on a highlight reel.

He then got the ball into play quickly enough for Twins third baseman Gio Urshela to get Engel out by tagging Moncada between second and third and second.

According to Sarah Langs of, it was the first 8-5 triple play to be officially recorded in MLB history.

To be fair to the White Sox, Statcast estimated Pollock's fly ball to go 389 feet and have an xBA of.820, or 82 percent chance of being hit.

However, there still leaves an 18% risk of making a humiliating error—and a historically significant one at that. White Sox manager Tony La Russa's expression speaks volumes.

It shouldn't come as a shock that Buxton began the first triple play of its sort. When healthy, the 28-year-old has consistently been among the finest outfielders in the league in terms of arm strength and range.

He also hit a two-run home run in the fifth inning, which was the only run the Twins had scored up to that point.

Buxton's season slash line of.227/.302/.576 puts him fourth in the American League with 22 home runs. He still has a chance to be selected for his first career All-Star game this month because to his power and fielding.