Cowboys News: Is Parsons NFL’s best LB? What positions still need help

The legend of Micah Parsons continues to grow. The Cowboys star linebacker showed his impressive pace once again, dusting off more NFL players after winning the fastest man contest during Pro Bowl weekend

While his speed may be at the top of the list, is he the best off-ball linebacker in the NFL or does Darius Leonard still hold the top spot?

Fellow linebacker Von Miller was looking forward to a deal with Dallas at the start of the free agency cycle, but it ended in disappointment for the Cowboys

New reports confirm that Dallas offered Miller a total of $51 million less than the bills.

After a season where Greg Zurlein makes fans bite their nails during every kick, can rookie Jonathan Garribe allow the Cowboys to sit back without worrying during field goal attempts?

Looking at the NFC East as a whole, Dallas and Philadelphia dominate offensive talent and this suggests those two finishing at the top of the division in 2022

Can’t the Cowboys break the 18-year-old’s curse to be a repeat champion? This and more in the latest news and notes.

No one doubted Parsons’ speed after winning the NFL’s fastest man competition in February. He added to the legend with another victory over fellow NFL players

Add to that the impressive clip of him playing pickup basketball and one might wonder if he could be the Bo Jackson of the new age.

Von Miller reveals how little the Cowboys’ offer to bring him home was ::CowboysWire

When the Von Miller Sweepstakes were in full force, Dallas was in the midst of negotiations. The two-time Super Bowl champion confirmed that he was planning to sign with the Cowboys.

That was until Dallas offered Miller $51 million less than the bills and his plans changed. Cowboys and Eagles players are NFC East’s class on offense :: Blogging the Boys

Blogging the Boys and Bleeding Green came together to put together an All-Star offense for NFC East. The Cowboys and Eagles each had five entries on the list

while Terry McLaurin of Washington was the only player from the Commanders. None of the Giants made the cut for the last 11.

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