Al Horford screened Gary Payton II with 4:50 left in the third quarter of the 2022 NBA Finals.

Andrew Wiggins didn't pressure Jayson Tatum, so Tatum took advantage. He hit an above-the-break 3 to pull the Celtics within 6. Warriors became a hurricane.

Otto Porter Jr. screened Derrick White around midcourt. White swiftly recovered and blocked Stephen Curry's attempt, but it still went in. 

It was an unusual shot, but its absurdity was lessened by who took it.  

Jordan Poole took advantage of Daniel Theis's guarding after a few possessions. Poole dribbled between his legs, faked a drive, and stepped back while Theis stayed within the arc. 

He was a yard or less from midcourt this time. Next, you know. These three baskets capped a 19-2 third-quarter surge that won the game. 

Celtics did nothing wrong but lost anyhow. For four minutes, they were a supporting player, a foil.

Celtics are tough. Three Eastern Conference clubs are defeated, proving their skill and grit. But they're still just a basketball team aiming to gain immortality. 

Opponents can gameplan for them and drive them into unfavourable situations, but so far the Celtics have been good enough to exceed them and rise above their circumstances. They'd be winners.

Warriors are unique. Even the most casual NBA fan is aware with their motion offence, but it's only a springboard for more bold plays. 

Not always. How many periods of ill-advised passes and foolish turnovers have we witnessed from the Warriors?

They succeed often enough to keep doing it. You can't beat the Warriors without rethinking basketball itself. 

At its best, Golden State exceeds standard concepts of excellent basketball. How can the impossible be protected?

I think Jordan Poole captures the Warriors' spirit better than Stephen Curry. Poole is full of tics and rhythmic feints. Who moves like this? 

He performs with the confidence of a teenager who has collected his mates to undertake something daring. 

He never considers disaster. When something works this regularly, it's hard to call it irresponsible.

m not sure if the Warriors are better than the Celtics, but they sometimes look unbreakable. These stretches don't always come when needed,

but they happen often enough to be noteworthy and indicate something about this team's ability and NBA championship chances. The Warriors have already proven they can beat the Celtics three times.

Can they summon what's beyond logic? Can they trust something so unreliable? Celtics are an NBA powerhouse. They may not reach the heights of the Warriors, but their steady progress is admirable. 

They're deep, disciplined, resilient, and gifted, and they know it. Golden State has a greater ceiling, but nobody knows if it will rise or fall.

Would you rather have consistent greatness or unpredictable magic? Would you wager that you can burn without being consumed?