Former NBA star Dwight Howard’s WWE tryout gets honest assessment from Triple H

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Dwight Howard, a former NBA MVP candidate, startled many basketball fans on Thursday night when he showed up for a WWE tryout.

Prior to SummerSlam, the former NBA champion arrived in Nashville to take part in a tryout.

Following the match, Howard expressed interest in maybe joining the WWE as a full-time performer.

Dwight Howard stated, "I think it's something that's in my future. "I adore WWE.

I enjoy wrestling. I'll hopefully be holding up the belt and wrestling in the ring one day in the future. That would be incredible.

Well, judging by Triple H's response when Howard showed up for the try-out, he might be a good fit for them.

The NBA player made a brief appearance at the WWE audition, which was discussed by the company's recently appointed head of creative.

"[Howard] is a pure product of the shadow realm. It was remarkable how he walked in here and flipped everyone around like a snot.

The WWE is facing a significant change in their business model.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are now in charge of running the business since Vince McMahon has left his position.

Numerous supporters are expecting that Triple H's success at NXT will carry over to the entire WWE.

It's uncertain whether NBA star Dwight Howard will have the opportunity to enter the Squared Circle.

Despite the professional wrestling industry's reputation as being "artificial," competing against seasoned wrestlers requires a high level of talent and dedication.

Howard will have to put in a lot of effort to catch up to the pros in this field if he wants to make any kind of ring appearance.