Ryan Fitzpatrick, a long-time NFL quarterback, appears to be retiring.

Fitzpatrick emailed teammates a message with a long list of names of players he's played with, along with the words.......>

 "Forever grateful for the beautiful ride," even though he hasn't made an official announcement.

One of the players who received the text, Fred Jackson, shared it on Twitter along with his own note of gratitude for Fitzpatrick.

"Fitzy, congrats on a fantastic career!! I had a great time sharing the field with you!! "I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!" Jackson penned an essay.

Fitzpatrick started games for nine different NFL teams, including 53 starts for the Bills, 27 starts for the Jets, 20 starts for the Dolphins, 12 starts for the Bengals....>

2 starts for the Texans, 10 starts for the Buccaneers, nine starts for the Titans, three starts for the Rams, and one start for Washington.

Fitzpatrick, 39, finished his NFL career with 34,990 yards passing, 223 touchdowns, and 169 interceptions.