Ex-Celtic Fires Shot at Doc Rivers

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"Big Baby" Glen When Davis played for the Boston Celtics, he has many fond memories.

In his first season, the squad won a title, and after their 17th championship, he developed into a valuable rotation player in all of their playoff trips.

One of those memories is the seven-game loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, a legendary adversary of Boston's.

According to Davis, then-Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers was the primary factor in the team losing the series, according to a recent interview with VladTV.

"Doc is to blame for it. I hold Doc responsible," Davis stated. "Doc embraces his veterans with a can-do attitude.

When you think back to 2010, Game 4, you realise that it was the men that, in his opinion, got him there.

My major breakout game was that one. We had to get our energy from somewhere else in that game

The same holds true for Game 7, Doc. In Game 7, we must obtain the energy from a different source. 

Rasheed Wallace has so been playing for these minutes. Kevin Garnett has been playing for the entire time. You must permit us to give them a rest.

He didn't make a substitution for a stretch of the second half. Davis acknowledges that Rivers' decision to stick with his veterans at the time was understandable

but he feels that Rivers could have done better by giving Davis more playing time given what he provided to the team.

I comprehend. You desire the assistance of your veterans. On your veterans, you rely.

You rely on the players who brought you there, but as a coach, you must adapt, and that's the best part about coaches: their ability to change things up right now. 

Nevertheless, I've already shown in Game 4 that I am capable of completing tasks. I can get us some quality buckets and shots by going out there.

As a result, I believe he neglected to leverage his true strengths. In Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, Glen Davis participated for 21 minutes. 

He grabbed nine rebounds and put up six points on two of four field goal attempts in those 21 minutes. It's obvious that Davis believes he should have played more.

Although Davis' criticism of Rivers is severe, it's not the first time the coach has come under fire from Davis.