Devon Allen of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the third-fastest 110m Hurdles time in history at the New York City Grand Prix.

Devon Allen was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Philadelphia Eagles in April

and while he's a long shot to make the team—he hasn't played football since 2016, after all—no one will deny his speed.

The two-sport prospect ran the 100-meter hurdles in 12.84 seconds on Sunday, the third-fastest mark in the event's history.

The world mark is 12.80 seconds, which was set by Aries Merritt of the United States at the Van Damme Memorial in 2012.

He told reporters, "I felt I could smash the record today." "Clean up a few things, and four hundredths of a second per hurdle is four thousandths of a second, which is incredibly small. We'll have to wait till the next race."

Allen's time would have earned him a gold medal in every Olympics up to this point in history. It remains to be seen whether this helps him gain a roster place with the Eagles.

He remarked of his fitness, "It's always been there." "For the past six weeks, we've been doing it in training.

After OTAs in football, I just needed some new legs. I had some fun playing football with the boys, and now I'm back to sprinting quickly."

Allen hasn't played football since he was a member of the Oregon Ducks in 2016. He has never participated in an NFL game. 

But, if the football thing doesn't work out, he appears to be on his way to the track.