Eagles Star Secretly Considered Retirement

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This season, a fresh spirit is permeating the NovaCare Complex. Perhaps it's ancient energy with fresh vitality.

Lane Johnson, the starting right tackle, is back, finally healed, and fully functional.

Johnson has a personal battle with melancholy and had recently undergone season-ending surgery on his left ankle

Thus he wasn't always himself in 2021. 

He battled through uncomfortable pain in his surgically repaired ankle at points last season, missing three games

Johnson even thought about retiring.

Johnson told reporters, "I was to the point where I don't know if I can play longer because I couldn't push off my left foot.

"And you'll see from the tape that I couldn't run block the way I'm used to playing from the start of last year," he continued.

Even so, I couldn't do it as efficiently. I'm a lot more at ease this year. Unlike last year

when it took me until the middle of the season to feel somewhat at ease playing again, it is not on my mind right now. 

I'm thinking clearly right now. It's cosy here for me. Man, I'm glad to be back.