Dozens of white supremacists in group called Patriot Front seen marching through Boston

On Saturday, dozens of white nationalists in masks marched through Boston.

The trio was observed boarding Orange Line trains at Haymarket Station while donning white masks.

Some carried flags and police shields. They are a part of the Patriot Front organisation.

The Patriot Front advocates fascism and the establishment of a white ethnostate, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organisation that tracks extremist ideology.

Boston's mayor, Michelle Wu, responded to the group's visit in a statement to WBZ-TV, saying, "White supremacist organisations' revolting, vile actions and speech are not welcome in this city.

We will not accept the intimidation of racists as normal, especially at a time when so many of our rights are being violated.

This weekend, while we honour Boston's history as the birthplace of liberty, we also celebrate the ongoing struggle to guarantee that Boston will remain a city for all people."

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