Donovan Mitchell to “stand pat,” not force trade from Utah

Good luck finding anyone around the league – outside the state of Utah, anyway – who thinks Donovan Mitchell Will be a member of Jazz a year from now.

But for now, despite the team Taking Steps That Suggest a Reconstruction Is ComingThe Jazz teams are shutting down That call is asking Michelle about the business

Now the word comes through Brian Windhorst At ESPN, that Mitchell himself isn’t going to ask for a trade.

“From Michelle’s side, that’s a pat. He won’t force me to take any action right now.” Windhorst on ESPN’s Get Up,

“Right now.” As for that might change the line — perhaps later this summer, perhaps at the trade deadline, perhaps next February after the All-Star Game in Salt Lake City.

It’s not reading tea leaves to think that Jazz is leaning into a rebuild, their actions point in the direction the franchise is headed

 Rudy Goberte was traded in minnesota The most recent draft included four first-round selections, as well as a first-rounder, to race the kind a rebuilding team would need

Royce O’Neill was traded in brooklyn, The Jazz appointed 34-year-old Will Hardy as their head coach. Plus, Danny Anz has a history of upping things and starting from scratch.

The other teams see this and then call Ange about Mitchell. Right now, Ainge is hanging on to those calls and giving lip service to revamping the roster around Michelle, But Michelle was also asking about those plans.,

The Jazz, as it is currently built, are worse than a team that finished fifth in the West a season earlier and was bounced by Dallas in the first round. While the final roster isn’t set in Utah, Mitchell will roll with it.

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