Darvin Ham Appears To Call Out Russell Westbrook

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After a disastrous season last year, the Los Angeles Lakers have a lot to work out for the upcoming season.

As it stands, they will have experienced point guard Russell Westbrook on the roster come opening night, so they will have to figure things out with him there.

After being named the Lakers' new head coach a few weeks ago, Darvin Ham is now ready to make things right in LA and hasn't stopped saying how much he wants the team to succeed.

Ham is certain he can accomplish the task, even if it necessitates having Russ on the court.

The former Milwaukee Bucks assistant discussed his hopes for Westbrook when he first joined the Lakers, saying he wanted to use his system to help the former MVP flourish once more.

He has only had positive things to say about Russ, but suddenly, it appeared as though Russ' enthusiasm had changed.

Ham discussed his expectations for the upcoming season during a recent appearance on SHOWTIME's All the Smoke

seemingly calling out Russell Westbrook or anyone who doesn't feel comfortable being a member of the Lakers.

Of course, this may also be directed at another player, like LeBron James, who recently voiced his displeasure with teammates and some of their winning-oriented mentalities.

Ham appears to be paying attention to everything, and he won't think twice to call out anybody who lack the vigour he desires.

In contrast to everyone else in the club, he appears to be rather confident going into the 2022–2023 NBA season.

The Lakers might use Ham's excitement if they want to succeed and change things around after two seasons of being a terrible club.