Colts' Ryan Kelly, Quenton Nelson named best interior OL duo

The Indianapolis Colts will have a strong interior offensive line anchored by left guard Quenton Nelson and centre Ryan Kelly for the fourth consecutive season.

The Colts can rest easy knowing they have the other two spots covered, even though it is unclear how Danny Pinter will transition into the right guard starting position.

Nelson and Kelly were the top interior offensive line combo, according to Bucky Brooks of, who ranked the top pairs at each position.

Behind the gritty work done by Kelly and Nelson at the point of attack, the Colts have a very physical offence. At the point of scrimmage, Kelly shadowboxes with defensive linemen and has exceptional snap and punch quickness

The 29-year-old veteran hits opponents repeatedly while showcasing the strength, coordination, and body control needed to stand his ground against bigger, stronger opponents.

Nelson, 26, is a bully with strong arms and a foul disposition. In addition to dominating opponents in the running game, the three-time All-Pro is a superb pass defender.

The Colts' offence has remained steadfast despite the recent turnover at quarterback because to Nelson's domination at the line and Kelly's steady play.

Since being selected with the No. 6 overall pick in 2018, Nelson is expected to receive a significant deal and has lived up to all expectations.

Since his selection in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Kelly has established himself as one of the league's top centres. However, he'll be hoping to display a little more consistency starting in the 2021 campaign.

In 2022, the Colts hope to restore their offensive line to elite level, and it all begins with these two establishing the tone.