After acquiring Cincinnati receiver Alec Pierce with a second-round pick, Colts general manager Chris Ballard stated that Pierce must prove himself on the field.

Colts coach Frank Reich recently stated that the organisation is pushing Pierce to contend for that honour.

"Isn't he going to have to fight for every snap?" According to Kevin Hickey of USA Today, Reich remarked. "It's a fiercely competitive bunch." But, yes, we're putting a lot of pressure on him.

We're obviously pushing him and want him to compete in order for him to be in the mix and on the field."

Pierce is a "really brilliant person," according to Reich, who adds that he "truly has learned the offence rapidly."

In a prior interview on #PFTPM, Ballard said that the Colts were drawn to Pierce during quarterback Desmond Ridder's campus workout.

"It wasn't about talent; we just didn't know how he'd be as a route runner," Ballard explained at the time. 

"We hadn't seen enough of it yet." We think he'll be a great addition to our team based on our ability to watch him run and see him move and lose weight."

Ballard warned at the time that Pierce would have to earn his playing time, as Reich now claims.

"They're freshmen," Ballard explained. "All of them have a natural maturation curve." They'll have to learn how to play like a pro. They have to work hard for it. Simply stamping them is not something you want to do. 

They must work hard to win their role and a spot on the team. Whether it's on special teams or in a three- or four-receiver formation.

Whatever the function is, they must work their way up the ladder, which we believe Alec has the ability to achieve, but he must now report to work."

The work is being done as part of the offseason programme. In training camp, it will continue. He'll either have earned it by Week One, or he'll still be trying.