2022 NFL Preview: On bright side, Commanders did upgrade QB with Carson Wentz trade

Some NFL transactions are praised or disliked immediately. DeAndre Hopkins's trade made everyone giggle. Rarely. Even the Colts' terrible Trent Richardson deal with the Browns was discussed at the time.

Everyone hated Carson Wentz's trade to Washington. Immediately.

Few Commanders supporters who haven't given up after decades of Daniel Snyder disaster will back Wentz. Who knows what Washington was thinking?

Washington traded Wentz and two 2022 second- and seventh-round picks to the Indianapolis Colts for three 2022 draught picks. If Wentz plays 70% of 2022 snaps, his 2023 third becomes a second

That's a lot for a quarterback who was cut by the Eagles and failed with the Colts under Frank Reich.

Indianapolis didn't hidden their desire to dump him after the season. Jim Irsay said trading for Wentz was a mistake and the organisation must move on.

Washington wanted this. They paid Wentz's $28 million in draught picks and 2022 salary. The Commanders apparently made an offer for Russell Wilson, who was moved to Denver. It's never wise to rush to choose a quarterback.

But Washington is better at quarterback. Then what? Since Kirk Cousins left, Washington has started Alex Smith, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Case Keenum

Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, Taylor Heinicke, Garrett Gilbert, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you endured that for four seasons, you could overpay for a subpar option.

Wentz is the best Washington has got. he's been bad for years Any MVP magic he had in 2017 is already gone. If he couldn't do it with the Colts, it didn't seem good. He's 29 and has flashes of talent, so maybe there's hope. Doubtful.

but the owner can't avoid scandals or field a champion. Yes, Wentz is better than the Commanders. He won't be a short- or long-term solution. Commanders make manoeuvres without much intent.

There was hope last season. Washington won the NFC East in 2020 despite a bad quarterback and a good defence. This defence ended in 2021. Washington fell from No. 3 in Football Outsiders' defensive DVOA in 2020 to No. 27 last season.

Chase Young had a quiet season before tearing his ACL, but it doesn't explain the collapse. Washington has a good defensive line and may bounce back.

The attack contains parts. Terry McLaurin is a superb receiver hurt by bad quarterback performance. Washington has good RBs led by Antonio Gibson. The offensive line is solid, even without Brandon Scherff. Wentz isn't in a bind.

It's meh. The best Washington can hope for is that Wentz makes the Commanders a middle-of-the-road squad, and Snyder avoids embarrassing the franchise off the field. First appears more plausible than second.