'Brutal video': Ohio city braces for release of fatal police shooting video

A day before video footage of the deadly police shooting of a Black motorist was released, protesters gathered once more in Akron, Ohio. This shooting stunned the community and infuriated racial justice activists.

After 3 p.m. on Saturday, a group of protesters with banners and megaphones gathered in front of the city courtroom. "No justice, no peace, prosecute the police," some shouted.

After police shot and killed Jayland Walker, 25, on Monday as he resisted a routine traffic check, protesters have been assembling for four straight days this week, calling for police accountability.

At the news conference on Sunday, the mayor of the city will be joined by the Akron Police Department, which is anticipated to release information on the shooting, including body camera footage. At that time, the video will also be made available.

The Akron Police Department will release all body camera footage of the incident, not just the three recordings mandated by law, according to Chief Steve Mylett of the department, who spoke to the Akron Beacon Journal

a publication that is a part of the USA TODAY Network. Before it is made available to the general public, the footage would first be presented to Walker's family, he added.

The city of 200,000 people, which is located roughly 30 miles from Cleveland, has seen three deadly shootings by police officers in the past six months.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been requested by the city of Akron to take over the investigation into the shooting.

Before the video was made public, Bobby DiCello, a lawyer for Walker's family, gave information about it in the hopes that it would assist the neighbourhood get ready for what it would depict.

DiCello told the Beacon Journal that he was concerned about how people could respond to the video, which he claimed shows police shooting Walker multiple times as he tried to flee, hitting him in the face, belly, arms, and legs.

The shooting, according to DiCello, was a "unbelievable scene," and Walker's body was "simply peppered with bullets."

"This video will be quite graphic. There will be some passion aroused. People are going to feel unhappy about it, "said DiCello.