"America's Got Talent" will have new auditions on Tuesday night.

This is not the year that "AGT" has no more talent to show.

The show's creator and judge, Simon Cowell, said that the first two days were broken. "Everything changed on Day 3. We got everything I asked for."

And "AGT" stays on top thanks to a rapping magician.

People often ask Heidi Klum, "Does it get boring after a while?" "You'd think it would be hard to impress us, but they do it anyway."

Judges have seen a lot, but they haven't seen everything.

Sofia Vergara liked the singing, the magicians, and the ventriloquist.

Chances for competitors that could change their lives.

Terry Crews: "It takes so much courage to do your thing and aim for everyone to judge you."

Given the talent this season, Cowell had a simple request for the network.

"NBC, we need a live show," Cowell said as a joke. "There are so many great candidates, I need one more show to choose from." Dreaming big.

"Dancing with Myself" comes on after "America's Got Talent" at 8 p.m.