4 things to watch for in Game 2 of NBA Finals

This postseason's games have had little in common. A team can win one night, then lose the next. How often did that happen in the first round, semifinals, or conference finals?

And in NBA Finals Game 2? Steph Curry: "Narratives change quickly." It may happen between Thursday's Finals opener, when the Celtics surprised the Warriors on the road, and Sunday night, if the Warriors respond well.

In Game 2, Warriors vs. Celtics, here are four possible crucial players, strategy, and situations:

The Celtics can't think they can bail out Boston's future superstar with role players if it happens again. Tatum's bounce-back postseason outings following comparable struggles netted 38, 31, and 30 points.

"I've been here before" "Next game, I'll... Mental, I think. You don't allow it in." uards.

2. The agony of a 2-0 deficit A year ago in the Finals, the Bucks dropped the opening two games against the Suns and had to listen to all the commotion before prevailing in six. 2-0 isn't a death sentence in basketball.

The Bucks lost those two games on the road, unlike the Warriors. Only five clubs have triumphed after going 0-2; none have won at home. Imagine the Warriors' urgency. Buzzards circle if you lose.

3. Anticipate some Feats of Klay Klay Thompson last played in the NBA Finals three years ago, when he fell to the floor, grasped his knee, and was assisted off. Klay-like behaviour ensued.

He checked back in, made his free throws, and tried to stay in Game 6 against the Raptors until someone told him, "Uh, Klay, you may have a real issue."

4. Marcus is well on the mend The Celtics' best sign after Game 1? Aside from Al Horford, the bench 3s, the fourth-quarter surge, and winning with Tatum down?

30 gimp-free minutes from Smart. He played into the fourth quarter and was part of the Bay Area hurricane. Two days off since.