The Bulls have the 18th overall pick in 2022. If they keep it, they have several possibilities.

NBC Sports Chicago will explore candidates in the Bulls' anticipated range in the weeks before the draught. Jeremy Sochan is next.

Sochan proclaimed himself a "global citizen" at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. 

Both his mother and late father played Division II basketball in Oklahoma. Sochan attended high school in Indiana and Germany before moving to Texas.

Sochan: "I'm Polish, English, American." "I've travelled everywhere, therefore I've seen everything. I've benefited.

It's enlightened me. I've seen several nations and coaches. Sochan referenced Draymond Green, Jimmy Butler, Patrick Beverley, and Jrue Holiday at the combine.

Mom was Sochan's first coach. She still says defence comes first.

Sochan's wingspan and physicality make him an ideal multi-positional and switchable defender for today's NBA. Injuries forced him to play centre in small-ball Baylor teams.

Sochan enjoys colourful hairstyles, like a particular Bulls Hall of Famer: He wouldn't specify what he had planned on draught night at the combine, only that it would be spectacular.

Last season, Sochan had long, curly golden hair, a closely-shorn blue appearance, and a bald skull. Sochan bleached his hair at the combine.

Sochan's shooting could worry the Bulls. He made 29.6% of 3-pointers and 58.9% of free throws. Good mechanics and a great work ethic give him growth potential, say scouts.

Bulls want two-way players, but Sochan's offence is limited to rim attacks.

The NBA playoffs have shown that teams can use numerous dynamic wings simultaneously, especially if they can guard multiple spots. Sochan is hopeful.

Although he can't shoot, evaluators claim he has good ball-handling skills. He may become a pick-and-roll player. But his rookie-year minutes were defensive.